Akron Urban League Supports the Hunger-Free Summer for Kids Act

With cooler temperatures on the way, it’s easy to forget that summer is the hungriest time of year for too many kids in need across Summit County. When schools close, the meals these kids rely on end as well and summer becomes a time of hunger and anxiety.

The national summer meals program was designed to reduce this burden and give children the nutrition they need when school is out. When this program works, it’s a lifeline for these kids and it proves how vital this program is to our community. However, here in Summit County some children don’t have access to summer meal sites because of transportation issues, extreme weather and public safety concerns.

I am pleased to see that members of the United States Senate have taken action on this issue. A group of bipartisan Senators, including our own Senator Sherrod Brown, introduced the Hunger-Free Summer for Kids Act, which gives states more options to reach kids in hard-to-reach communities. Two key components of the bill include a meal delivery program or a $30 monthly grocery credit for families struggling to feed their children. These policies are derived from the feedback of thousands of individuals who work on the ground to combat hunger in their communities. I encourage readers to write to Congresswoman Fudge to tell her how important it is that she supports similar policies in the US House of Representatives. The Hunger-Free Summer for Kids Act has the potential to feed thousands of children across Ohio– a historic improvement to the current program.

In order for our children to have an equal opportunity at success, we must ensure that they are equally fed. We must come together as a community to support meaningful policy changes and put an end to summer hunger.



Fred Wright

President & CEO

Akron Urban League