Connections that fuel success

The Core of Economic Self-Reliance: Career-Driven Attitudes & Transformative Partnerships

The Akron Urban League welcomes you to Ignite: Connections that Fuel Success (Ignite), our newest workforce development initiative. While we have been assisting individuals in Summit County in finding and securing employment for years, Ignite is a new program that allows us to assist individuals in identifying careers. We work as your long-term partner and coach to ensure not only do you find theopportunity of a lifetime but we assist you in securing that long awaited financial success through livable wage employment.

Ignite is not a “quick fix” to identify and land that dream job! But it is a commitment between you and the Akron Urban League that has pre, during and after processes that we agree to, taking a collaborative approach to your personal career development. We take the word “development” seriously as we work closely with you to discover your employment desires, current and possibly needed skills, train you and align you with the best possible employer to support your future.

If you meet the following criteria, we invite you to join our program and allow us to fuel your success:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have a career driven attitude
  • Are a resident of Summit County, Ohio.

At the link below are just a few opportunities that are available today. We need to determine if any of these fit your career goals and if not, we are anxious to work with you to find out what does. We want to begin working on your behalf immediately to help you find employment that meets your need for work life balance, meets your financial objectives as well as your long term plans. We are excited about working with you as we journey together utilizing an integrated approach to workforce development. Join the Akron Urban League Movement to Ignite: Connections that Fuel Success!


Review our current career opportunities here.

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