Knight Foundation and BMe Community Announce Contest to Find and Fund Inspired Black Men

Akron, OH – BMe Community, with funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, is running a brief contest this month asking all people of Akron to name a black father, husband, boyfriend, coach, or co-worker who inspires them because of his commitment to helping others.

“We do this because everyone knows a strong black man” says BMe Founder Trabian Shorters. “The guy people turn to when they need help, a job, teaching, financing, encouragement, you name it. But media acts like he doesn’t exist. So we’re asking you ‘Who are the black men in our community who deserve a ‘thank you’? Then we invite you to thank them in a way that others will see and because of you, they’ll get a shot at $10,000. It’s easy to do and makes a big difference.”

BMe asks that you to go to between now and March 31, 2016 to give names, why you appreciate each black man, and their best email addresses. BMe Community will post your kind words and invite them to apply for the BMe Leadership Awards which come with $10,000, public recognition and lifelong networking opportunities.

Shorters started BMe Community while serving as vice president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. In July 13, 2013 he spun it off as an independent network with the support of Knight, Campaign for Black Male Achievement and The Heinz Endowments. BMe is now sustained by charitable grants and local donations.

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