Livable Wage Employment


About Livable Wage Employment

Our Livable Wage Employment Program is designed to assist adults, over the age of 18,  with finding meaningful employment in Summit County that pays a living wage. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Living Wage Calculator, a living wage in Summit County for one adult and one child is $21.16 per hour.  Our goal is to get our clients to that level.

Through partnerships with various employers and institutions of higher learning, we will train to specific careers in in-demand fields such as healthcare, technology and manufacturing.

Our Services

Resume Writing Assistance

Our job readiness training class assists participants with soft skills for the work place, resume and cover letter writing, and mock interviewing.

One on One Job Coaching

Our experienced Employment Specialists advocate on your behalf at career fairs, job clubs and with employers. We also provide individualized job leads to each participant.

Our Partners