Our Team

Celia Bruner

Employment Recruiter

Celia Bruner is the Employment Recruiter for the Akron Urban League's CCMEP / WIOA program that serves 16 - 24 in achieving self-sufficiency.

Celia feels that it is important to give back to the community and build its members up. She believes that one must not wait for change but become the change that they wish to see. Celia also gives credence to giving back as a tool to internalize your own problems and put them into perspective. Celia has volunteered at the Cleveland International Film Festival, which is an organization that promotes film through education to enhance to local community; and the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority working on home improvements, such as cleaning and gardening, for elderly citizens.

Celia holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Hiram College and is currently working on a Master degree in Business Administration at Ursuline College.