ConnectSuccess Mentoring

Here at the Akron Urban League, we recognize the importance of preparing and supporting our workforce development candidates in a well-rounded, holistic manner; and part of that process involves Mentorship.  

Mentorship is an important component of the Ignite program, as well as other Akron Urban League programs, which can provide the one-on-one inspiration, example, guidance, and direction needed to assist you in successfully navigating your new career or moving to the next level in your life.  Your mentor will be one with whom you will communicate, seek professional advice, and gain exposure to their wisdom, knowledge and experience.  You will also have the opportunity to attend various networking events and professional development workshops, as you get to know your Mentor.

Akron Urban League’s new Mentorship program, ConnectSuccess is one developed with care and intention, including a variety of components (including training and professional development) to help ensure sustainable relationships, employment, personal, and professional growth.

Our pool of volunteer mentors come from several sectors of the professional community, here in Summit County and Greater Akron, including our community partners, members of our affiliates, the Akron Urban League Young Professionals and the Akron Urban League Guild; and members of our Akron Urban League leadership and staff.

Each perspective mentor will attend a Mentor Interest Meeting, Orientation and Training before beng paired with a mentee.

We feel it vitally important to provide training, set expectations and boundaries, and review the roles and responsibilities of both the Mentor and the Mentee, in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our candidates, as well as our Mentors.  We take this very seriously, and recognize the need for all parties to be accountable for the commitment in which they partake.  

Each Mentor and Mentee will enter into an accountability contract and formally commit to being an active participant in the mentorship process.  After all, it is important for us to be an active participant in our own success!

One of the topics, of utmost importance, here at the Akron Urban League, and throughout Akron, Summit County, and the United States, as a whole, is the importance of Diversity & Inclusion; and this will notbe overlooked in our Mentoring Program.  Many mentoring programs deliberately match mentees and mentors with similar attributes and backgrounds, but here we are open to taking a slightly different approach. We want to encourage both our Mentors and Mentees to seek to understand, appreciate, and embrace the cultural differences among us, which make us better together, while simultaneously reaping the benefits thereof.  

This, in many instances, may be a Mentor or Mentee participant’s first opportunity to directly make a positive difference in the life of someone whom they otherwise may never have become acquainted.  Let us, through your Akron Urban League, be the ones to establish the best practices and preferred protocol for a successful and diverse mentorship initiative. Let’s take Diversity and Mentorship to another level, and show them how it’s done at yourAkron Urban League!


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