Akron Waterways Renewed

Purpose of Program

In 2014, the City of Akron broke ground for the first in a series of projects that will become the largest single investment in city infrastructure in Akron’s 189 year history, the Cascade Village Storage Basin. This new construction initiative will address the City’s Combined Sewer Overflows and, restore Akron waterways.  The improvements to the health of the environment and the protection of the water has not been seen in six generations. 

Akron Urban League (AUL) was selected as a consultant to oversee compliance of local certified participation on the projects for AWR! And for the City of Akron. The role requires the  Akron Urban League Compliance Team to assist and encourage Construction Managers at Risk (CMaR) in identifying and contracting with Akron-based certified companies while employing Akron residents. The team maintains a growing list of contractors that are certified and eligible to participate on these local projects.  In addition, the team organizes and supports outreach events, workshops and training seminars to increase contracting and employment opportunities.

Audience Served

The Akron Urban League identifies and makes contact with local Akron based companies that are eligible to participate on the AWR! Projects and projects designated by the City of Akron. The companies are typically construction and consulting type businesses and must be a certified DBE/MBE/WBE or EDGE Contractors. The collaboration between the Akron Urban League, City of Akron and the Project Management Team enhances the efforts to recruit and monitor the goals and milestones set by the City of Akron for the AWR, and City of Akron projects.  They depend on the Akron Urban League Compliance Team to provide updated lists of Akron-based certified.

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