Akron Waterways Renewed!

Akron Waterways Renewed!


Akron will begin using the Integrated Planning approach for re-building its infrastructure to meet all of its water needs with quicker, more affordable benefits. This provides effective and efficient wastewater and storm water management services, while protecting the environment for future generations. This plan will also provide jobs to workers living in Akron.


To invest in Akron’s environmental future by building infrastructure for the next century that will protect public health and maintain water of the highest quality in the most cost-effective manner.

What AUL does

In order to implement this new water program, Mayor Plusquellic announced a program to train Akron residents to get Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) and employ those Akron residents to assist in site work where needed. Training is provided at no cost, with a requirement to work for the City for at least 90 days. Many of the workers who have completed the training have been assigned to the construction of the Mud Run Pump Station in southwest Akron and a Storage Basin Project at the Little Cuyahoga River near Cascade Village.

The Akron Urban League works towards ensuring that local laborers and contractors receive contracts as part of the City of Akron’s Combined Sewer Overflow project.