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Continue the Conversation Workshop Series: Leadership with William H. Considine.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Leadership: Learn, Listen, Respect.

  • Keynote Speaker: William H. Considine
  • CEO, Akron Children's Hospital
  • Location: Akron Urban League, 440 Vernon Odom Blvd, Akron, Ohio 44307

Join us for the first installation of our Continue the Conversation Workshop Series focusing on Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. At this workshop, Mr. Considine will guide participants through practical, common sense insights on how to set the course of an organization and how to inspire those who report to you and those who serve you. This workshop is for anyone who is a leader or wants to be one, whether in healthcare or some other field.

All guests will receive a complimentary copy of Mr. Considine's book, Leadership.

  • This event has reached capacity. Thank you for your support. 

These workshops are a follow up and a continuation of the It’s Time Talk conversations started on March 28, 2018.  Beginning with leadership, the workshop topics dive deeper into thought provoking training about becoming culturally competent.

Future topics include: 

  • Inclusive Leadership: Effectively Leading Diverse Teams
  • Understanding and Managing Micro-aggression
  • Strategies for Difficult Conversations & Understanding Cross-Cultural Conflict
  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Individual 
  • Racism in Northeast Ohio: The Economic Impact
  • Unconscious Bias: Causes, Impact and Remedies
  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Organization