Free Microsoft Excel Training Classes

November 1 - December 1 * Sign Up Today!

The Microsoft Excel training curriculum consists of 3 courses: Excel Beginner, Excel Intermediate Level I, and Excel Intermediate Level II. Each course is held over two days.

Class participants will be taught from the Excel 2022 -The Complete Guide, which includes templates and step-by-step videos. Participants will receive laminated reference guides focusing on formulas, pivot tables, and Excel tips & tricks. Participants will also have the opportunity to take the Excel Assessment to measure proficiency and promote their skills on their Indeed profiles and resumes.

Excel Beginner Class

November 1 and 3, 5-7 PM

This class is for Beginners – people who have little or no prior experience using Microsoft Excel. Our instructor will take you step-by-step through learning the basics. We will build a solid foundation by learning essential concepts and features of the Microsoft Excel program. Attend this Beginner Excel training and learn :

  • Excel Terminology
  • Exploring Ribbons, Tabs, and Groups
  • Saving and Opening a Workbook
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Formatting Cells
  • Printing Worksheets
  • Basic Excel Functions (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, DATE)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Intermediate i CLASS

November 15 and 17, 5-8 PM

Class participants taking the intermediate class must take an Excel Assessment Test to assess their skill level. That assessment will be emailed after you register for the class.

This Intermediate class gives you a deeper understanding of using advanced-level features in Microsoft Excel. Learn to summarize and organize data in Excel with Pivot Tables, create advanced charts and more. Attend this Intermediate Excel training and learn to use tools and techniques including:

  • Go to Special Function
  • Charts
  • Sort Data
  • Pivot Tables
  • Named Range
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Excel Tables

Excel Intermediate iI CLASS

November 29 and December 1, 5-8 PM

This training builds on the Excel Intermediate I class.

Discover statistical formulas like COUNTIFS to understand data better and learn Excel techniques to work more efficiently. Attend this intermediate Excel training and learn to use tools and techniques including:

  • Find & Replace Option
  • Paste Special Option
  • Drop Down Lists
  • Advanced Excel Functions (CONTACTENATE, RANKIF, COUNTIF)
  • Sparklines
  • Advanced Excel Charts (Histogram, Waffle Chart, etc.)


Students enrolled in the classes above will be notified of session dates. All sessions are 6-7:30 PM.