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LEVEL Lunch & Learn Workshop Session 8: Becoming a Culturally Competent Professional 2.0

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

About the LEVEL Lunch and Learn Workshop Series

The Level Lunch & Learn Workshop Series is a continuation of our March 2019 Level Conversation which focused on Raising Awareness, Lowering Bias, and Creating Equity. These workshops will take a deeper dive into this important conversation by providing interactive training around organizational and individual cultural competence, true inclusion, and strategies to implement organizational change.

Session Details

December 17, 2019

Location: Bounce Innovation Hub

Topic: Becoming a Culturally Competent Professional 2.0

Presenter: Fedearia Nicholson-Sweval Ph.D.


About this Session

This workshop provides an introduction to the framework and rationale for being a culturally competent professional in today's global economy. Learn about the relationship between culture and diversity and begin to examine individual cultural backgrounds, including privilege. Develop an understanding of how cultural values shape our attitudes and beliefs, and how these factors impact our behavior. Practice Skills for respectful dialogue across differences and explore how these skills can support us at work and in our community.

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