Akron Engineering Bureau Request for Qualifications and Experience

Mar 07, 2018

CLOSING TIME: 3:00 P.M., MARCH 27, 2018

The City of Akron is requesting interested professional aviation consulting firms to provide a
statement of qualifications and experience for the following services:

1. Providing grant application, grant administration, environmental, design and
construction phase consulting services to:
a. Rehabilitate Runway 7-25 including closure of Runway 1-19
b. Construct a replacement electrical vault building for runway/taxiway lighting
and rehabilitate the circuits.
c. Mitigate runway approach obstructions.
2. Providing general airport consulting services.
3. Preparing requests for the FAA to release parcels of land from the airport.

All of these services are for the Akron Fulton International Airport. The planned contract term is
five years.

Firms are encouraged to utilize the services of disadvantaged companies whenever possible
consistent with 49 CFR part 26 to meet the DBE goal of 4.21%.

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