Huntington Bank Foundation Awards Akron Urban League $50,000 for Financial Empowerment Center

Jan 04, 2018

The Urban League will be converting space to house a Financial Literacy Training Center. It will become a major resource for financial literacy of minorities, women and the citizens of Summit County needing guidance with becoming financially self-sufficient.

The curriculum will include experiential training with field trips to banks, car dealers, realtors for real-life experiences, online training materials to supplement classroom training for students and Financial Literacy Training Materials from Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.

We will work with the United Way of Summit County's Financial Empowerment Bold Goal plan, utilizing their expertise and best practices to educate participants toward achieving financial sustainability.

The anticipated program goals/objectives for participants include:

  1. Understanding money and managing income
  2. How to save money
  3. Appropriately paying bills and other expenses
  4. Banking (utilizing banking services)
  5. Understanding debt and credit