Summit DD Provider

Workforce Development

Job Services for Indivuals with Disabilities

Starting in 2018, the Akron Urban League is partnering with the Summit Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide job readiness, employment placement and ongoing job coaching to individuals with disabilities, continuing its mission of helping Summit County citizens live a quality life.

Client Services

Career Assessment and Career Planning – using 21st century tools, we assist clients in discovering the best career/industry for employment and help map out their plan for today and tomorrow

Job Readiness – from completing a job application, to resume writing, to dressing for success, we prepare the client to “land” the job

Emotional Intelligence – before the client “lands” the job, we help them with skills to “keep” the job - coping skills, critical thinking skills and exercising good judgment

Financial Literacy – where does the money go? We aid our clients in understanding the management of money, how to budget and grow funds for now and the future

Job Placement – working with local employers, we help align the skills and talents of our clients with the employer who provides the best work environment and benefits to ensure success

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