It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race

It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race

The Akron Urban League, in partnership with Temple Israel and the faith based community of Akron, is proud to present “It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race.”  The ITT program trains citizens to become community ‘social justice facilitators’ who will help to lead challenging conversations about race, racism, and discrimination in our community. Participants will be trained on how to create a safe space, foster open dialogue, and tackle these challenging topics. Upon completion of the training, participants will receive written affirmation of  participation, along with no-charge entry into our next annual It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race Event. Thank you for choosing to become a racial justice facilitator through The Akron Urban League!

Participants who complete the training are encouraged to set up smaller ‘circle conversations’ within their networks, places of worship, organizations and groups.  Near the end of the year, each circle conversation will be invited to our It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race Event, held at the Akron Urban League. The event will be a culmination of ITT’s work throughout the community and is expected to bring a diverse audience with many perspectives!

Upcoming ITT Workshops

The first It’s Time to Talk Circle Conversation will be held at:

Temple Israel Akron

91 Springside Dr.

Akron, Ohio 44333

Dates: June 14 & 15, 2017

Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Workshop Fee: $175.00 per person (includes dinner)


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