The Guild

The Guild is an affiliate of the Akron Urban League, supporting our fundraising and community service efforts. Exclusively for ages 41+, this group is responsible for promoting volunteer participation and leadership within our organization.

The National Council of Urban League Guilds comprises volunteer auxiliaries of the National Urban League, which was started in New York City in 1942 by Mrs. Mollie Moon. The National Council of Urban League Guilds is divided into 35 chapters across four regions. Guild members are considered the heart and soul of the Urban League Movement, contributing thousands of volunteer hours annually.

Akron Urban League Guild logo


  • Understand the mission and vision of the Akron Urban League
  • Elect officers who represent the goals of both the League and the Guild
  • Develop an overarching strategy for how the Guild will support the goals of the League as a whole
  • Develop committees and engaging the community in the League’s mission
  • The Guild President serves on the Akron Urban League’s Board of Trustees
  • Have fun while serving the community