Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a variety of ways for you and your company to get involved in the work we are doing at the Akron Urban League.

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Every year, we ignite the excitement by bringing you a series of thrilling events with exclusive sponsorship possibilities! Behold our inspiring MLK Jr. Annual Breakfast, the extraordinary Scholarship and Annual Meeting Luncheon, and the dazzling Annual Gala Celebration, just to name a few.

We’re passionate about joining forces with local businesses! When you become a sponsor for one of our events, your company is catapulted into the spotlight, opening doors to potential fundraising opportunities and securing a prestigious spot as a cherished partner of the Akron Urban League, dedicated to fueling the thriving Greater Akron community.

Are you ready to seize the sensational 2024 sponsorship opportunities for the MLK Breakfast & Scholarship Luncheon? Dive in and discover what awaits you!

Explore Akron Urban League Sponsorship Opportunities by emailing or calling: Chaudralyn BellĀ  phone: 234-542-4134 email:cbell@akronurbanleague.org