We are dedicated to creating an equitable community through our programs, partnerships, and civic engagement.

Group of demonstrators on road from different cultures protest for equal rights - Focus on Black senior woman

We believe in a nation in which there would be equal justice for all…and more than 200 years later we, are still fighting that fight. After years of civil rights activism, we have seen movement in legal, political, social, and educational arenas but there is still much work to do. Racially injustice systems are everywhere and it is up to all of us, but especially us, to help dismantle it piece by piece.

As local advocates, it is our duty to challenge a system and make changes in an America where WE THE PEOPLE means all of us. We have designed our programs to prop up disadvantaged, marginalized, underemployed, and overlooked people and level the playing field. The dream of equality starts with advocacy! The Akron Urban League will continue to positively influence our area and beyond and attempt to tip a system of disproportionate scales in favor of empowering everyman. We strive for change every day and we thank you for allowing us to do that for the last 97 years.