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Director of Diversity & Strategic Initiatives

The Akron Urban League (AUL) is excited to announce a newly created position, Director of Diversity & Strategic Initiatives. This role is two-fold and will report directly to the President and CEO, serve as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and work in close collaboration to help shape and drive strategic DEI and community objectives for the organization and identify how the AUL might support the important conversations around race, social justice, inclusion and equality. This new role will also play an integral role in leading AUL’s community engagement and outreach efforts, meaning not all engagement will be solely focused on DEI.

In collaboration with the CEO and senior leadership, the Director of Diversity & Strategic Initiatives will develop, manage and lead AUL’s holistic and forward-looking social justice and DEI efforts, while building and managing cohesive and collaborative relationships around Community Engagement, External Partnerships, and other meaningful and impactful alignments. This position will collaborate and partner with countless business, government, non-profit, legislators and community partners to lend a voice and opinion on ways to navigate and lead strategies and conversations around racial injustice and inequality. The focus for AUL is how to be a change agent and not just talk about it. In addition, this new position will lead the efforts of general community relations, which may involve establishing partnerships with other organizations, i.e. Akron Zoo, Library, Voter rights, Census 2020, and arrange community events, as required. Responsibilities will include overseeing the planning, development and delivery of inclusion, diversity and equity presentations, workshops, town halls, and learning programs as well as facilitating sessions, representing the AUL on task forces, committees, commissions, community forums, town halls or panels. Will also be expected to meet with legislators on pertinent topics related to civil rights and justice and stay knowledgeable about topics that are important for AUL to participate in or lead the effort.

The Director of Diversity & Strategic Initiatives will be expected to engage with key stakeholders to provide technical assistance, advice, coaching and consultation regarding cross-cultural conflicts and disputes, as well as policies and practices that might have an adverse impact on particular groups and our overall community engagement, while managing complex and multi-faceted relationships to include, foundations, corporations, non-profits, government organizations, elected officials, member organizations and our community citizens.

Must have high levels of energy, flexibility, creativity, and the ability to work well with a team. Collaborative problem-solving will be required to be successful. You will be expected to design and execute community events as needed. Creating a positive environment for events at which the AUL can succeed is a key component of the role.

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MCCAP Program Administrator

A successful MCCAP Program Administrator must have well-rounded managerial, budgeting and leadership skills. Well-organized and forward thinking, they can inspire and lead a group to programmatic success. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have strong organizational and communication skills, is a dedicated worker and a problem-solver with experience in people management. Ultimately the Program Administrator will ensure that the MCCAP program will run smoothly and achieve identified goals while working closely with our local partners.

The MCCAP Program Administrator responsibilities include managing budgets, recruiting staff, recruiting participants, identifying community professionals and assisting with establishing program policies. The Program Administrator will help plan, direct and coordinate all activities around the technical assistance for the participants in the program and the applicants that are not admitted into the program.

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Case Manager

Under supervision and in accordance with policies, procedures and regulations, Case Manager will work with participants ages 14-24 who are considered to have barrier to employment and education and are registered for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and are work-eligible and receiving Ohio Work First (OWF) cash assistance. Case Manager will ensure quality service delivery within the Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) Framework that include referrals, comprehensive assessment, individual service strategy/individual opportunity plans, case management, program exit and follow-up services and tracking and reporting primary performance measures of participants achievement.

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Quality Assurance / Compliance Manager

Under general direction, Quality Assurance/Compliance Manager monitor Summit County Work Force Development contracts to ensure State/County process requirements are satisfied; interpret non-profit government contracts and clearly and concisely disseminate that information to others to ensure contractual compliance; establish and implement internal ongoing monitoring process; assist with establishment and maintenance of technical processes, procedures, work instructions, administration and implementation for efficient work flow and delivery of high-quality programs.

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Senior Program Manager

Under the direction and in accordance with policies, procedures and regulations, Senior Program Manager will provide day-to-day oversight and staff supervision to the CCMEP Program that serves participants ages 14-24 who are considered to have barriers to employment and education and are registered for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and are work-eligible and receiving Ohio Work First (OWF) cash assistance. Senior Program Manager is responsible for CCMEP quality and compliant service delivery to active participants and participants who have exited the program, but are in follow-up status for up to 12 months.

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