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Impacting Lives

The mission of the Akron Urban League is to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Summit County, particularly African Americans, by advocating and facilitating programs that are economically and educationally transformational, impacting their lives and the lives of future generations.

Our Vision

We will become the hub of collaborative services that transform and reposition citizens of Summit County, particularly African Americans out of generational poverty intoself-sufficient and economically independent individuals and families.


Consumer: Driven:We will treat all stakeholders, with dignity and respect, showing compassion and support for their needs, being flexible in our approaches to meet them where they are,ensuring their health and safety is first and foremost

Professional: We will establish an expectation of excellence with integrity and honesty in how we respond to funders, partners, consumers and fellow employees in our communication (face-to-face,verbal and written)

Transparent: We will be transparent in our processes, demonstrating to our stakeholders they cantrust and believe in our services and programs, knowing their financial/human resources will beappropriately allocated and results measured

Accountable: We will hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability that is beyond the requirements of contracts, grants or donations to deliver exceptional customer service, exceedingprogram expectations

Competent: We will ensure that our requests for funding will align with ourmission, capacity and skills, programs and services. We will also engage in continuous education to ensure we remain abreast of any changes in certifications, licensing or other documentation/legislation to address current and future needs of our consumers

Diverse: We will be inclusive and diverse in our hiring practices, consumer services and program deliverables

Collaborative: We will expand our bandwidth by engaging others in collaborations (organizations,corporations, community and individuals) that are aligned with our goals of improving thequality of life for the citizens of Akron, especially African Americans

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