Congratulations ProVets

MBAC commends Gerald Zachary, owner of ProVets, LLC, for obtaining the State of Ohio Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise Certifications (VBE), and the Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity (EDGE) Certification. Attaining these certifications will help his business secure future contracts.

ProVets, LLC is a professional hauling service that uses dump trucks to haul raw materials like broken concrete and broken asphalt. They move gravel, sand, dirt, and more.

Gerald would like to thank Natasha Bishop and Misty Beasley, “The Ladies of Akron,” for helping him organize and complete all documents required by the State of Ohio to become certified. He would also like to thank Stephanie Gilchrist from Youngstown for directing him to the Akron Regional Minority Business Assistance Center located at the Akron Urban League. “The Ladies of Akron even took the hard copy documents and made sure they were scanned into digital format and sent to Columbus,” stated Gerald. “I am totally happy with the professional service everyone had with helping me. They showed tremendous pride in giving great customer service!”

ProVets employs two fulltime employees and three part-time employees. Three of the five employees are Veterans like Gerald.

A special thank you to Gerald for his thirty-plus years of service to our country and all veterans for their sacrifice and service. Congratulations to ProVets, LLC., for obtaining their MBE, VBE, and EDGE certifications from the MBAC team!