The Akron Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) would like to give a special “Shout-Out” to Wendy Wightman, owner of Wightman’s Landscaping LLC for receiving her Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certification from the State of Ohio. 

This certification is a significant achievement and recognizes Wendy’s dedication, hard work, and contributions as a woman entrepreneur in the landscaping industry. The WBE certification not only acknowledges Wendy’s accomplishments but also opens up opportunities for her business. Certification as a Women Business Enterprise can provide access to various resources, networking opportunities, and government contracts aimed at promoting and supporting the growth of women-owned businesses.

Wendy Wightman’s achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs in the Akron area and beyond. It demonstrates that with determination, skill, and perseverance, individuals can overcome challenges and excel in their chosen fields.

Once again, congratulations to Wendy Wightman on her WBE certification, and may her success continue to inspire and empower others in the business community.

Wightman’s Landscaping LLC, located in New Franklin, Ohio, is a family-owned company serving a variety of commercial and residential clients across Northeast Ohio.  They specialize in handling the landscaping needs of business properties and high-end homes.  You may contact Wightman’s Landscaping LLC by visiting their website at

Congratulations, Wendy!  Thank you for trusting your local MBAC Team.