Understanding Seasonal Employment: Insights from Akron Urban League

Seasonal employment is a distinctive type of short-term job, linked to specific periods or “seasons”, which aren’t always weather-related. These jobs have predetermined start and end dates, differing from regular temporary positions.

To illustrate, accountancy roles may surge between January and April due to tax season, whereas retail sees an uptick in hires around the winter holidays, often starting from October. In this context, “season” denotes times when certain industries experience heightened activity and need additional staff.

Why Opt for Seasonal Jobs? Akron Urban League’s Perspective:

Resume Enhancement: Seasonal jobs offer a chance to enhance your resume, especially for those new to the workforce. These roles can bridge employment gaps or allow one to gain experience in various sectors.

Skill Development: Beyond just a work history boost, seasonal roles offer ample opportunities to hone both hard and soft skills. The diverse experiences from these roles can make your resume more attractive.

Opportunity Gateway: Taking a seasonal job might open doors within the company or industry. Post the season, your outstanding performance might pave the way for extended employment. Moreover, the connections you make can expand your professional network, making job hunts more fruitful in the future.

Sampling New Avenues: Seasonal jobs provide a glimpse into new roles or industries without long-term commitments. For instance, if teaching appeals to you, a summer job as a camp counselor can provide a taste of what’s in store, guiding future career decisions.

Flexibility: Seasonal roles, especially in sectors like retail, offer adaptable schedules. Extended operational hours during peak seasons mean there’s a shift to match everyone’s availability.

Additional Income and Perks: These roles are perfect for those looking to boost their earnings in a limited time. Plus, seasonal employees often enjoy special discounts, be it on event tickets, clothing, or other perks relevant to the industry.

Embracing the Seasonal Wave with Akron Urban League

While seasonal employment might not resonate with everyone, it’s a boon for many, based on their career journey’s phase. Whether it’s acquiring skills, exploring a new field, or transitioning to a permanent role, seasonal jobs offer a myriad of opportunities.

Considering a seasonal role in Akron? Connect with the Akron Urban League’s Workforce Development Program, and let them guide you through the myriad of options available in the city.