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Amina Hall

Amina Hall

Vice President of Development & Marketing

Amina Hall is a highly creative and results-driven professional, currently serving as the Vice President of Fund Development and Marketing at the Akron Urban League. With a deep entrepreneurial passion, unwavering drive, and a clear vision for community development, Amina has made an indelible mark in her field.

With over a decade of experience, Amina has honed her expertise in revenue generation and expanding support and outreach for both local nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Her relentless dedication to connecting stakeholders with the community has propelled her to spearhead numerous successful campaign projects and fundraising initiatives for multiple institutions.

Amina’s commitment to her community is further exemplified by her involvement with various nonprofit organizations. She has worked with esteemed organizations such as Hope and Healing Survivors Resource Center, Vantage Aging, and Family and Community Service, each of which plays a pivotal role in making a positive impact on the community.

Amina’s outstanding contributions to the Greater Akron community have not gone unnoticed. She is a recipient of the prestigious “30 For the Future Award” from the Greater Akron Chamber, a testament to her dedication and impact in the region.

Beyond her professional roles, Amina is deeply committed to community service and social justice. As a first-generation immigrant from Bosnia, she brings a unique perspective and a passionate commitment to addressing social issues. Amina actively participates on various advisory boards, including the Greater Akron Chamber Women’s Leadership Network Institute, Community AIDS Network, and Akron Pride Initiative CANAPI, Summit County Age Friendly Initiative

Amina Hall’s unwavering passion for community development and her exceptional contributions to the nonprofit sector make her a driving force in the Akron Urban League and the Greater Akron community as a whole. She continues to be a catalyst for positive change, bridging the gap between social justice and community development.