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Chevin Meadows

MBAC business counselor

Chevin Meadows is a Business Counselor for the Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) at the Akron Urban League. He is a native of West Akron, a graduate of Buchtel High School, and completed his Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Tuskegee University.

Before joining the Akron Urban League, Chevin Meadows was a banker at Citizens Bank. He has held sales positions at Great Lakes Honda and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Some of his accomplishments include having been promoted to Assistant Manager within four months and ranking #2 out of 139 employees on Enterprise’s August sales mix tracker. While increasing his experience in sales, he also began his journey into entrepreneurship. Chevin is the founder and current owner of Mogul Music Entertainment, a music production company in Akron, and a musician. As a sales professional and business owner himself, Chevin Meadows brings knowledge that can help the next aspiring entrepreneur reach success. He is highly motivated to help minority-owned businesses access resources and information that will help them prosper.

He enjoys developing specific workshops and training for his clients. His drive and attention to detail make him an asset to the AUL team and a tremendous help to local business owners.

Chevin loves to see everyone win but says, “It means more when you see your people grow from nothing to something, and you become part of that story.”

Chevin likes going to the gym, writing music, and meditating for his personal spiritual growth when he’s not working.