Our Team

Jason Samuels

IT Consultant

Jason Samuels is a native of Akron, OH, who calls himself a self-proclaimed nerd.  He has always had a passion for Jesus, numbers, technology and helping others.  He began taking his electronic toys apart as a child, because was intrigued with how they worked, and took his first computer class in second grade.

Jason knew, at 5 years old, he wanted to go into the engineering field, particularly electrical engineering, based on his fascination with electronics. He attended John R. Buchtel High School in Akron, OH and did internships at The University of Akron Science/Chemistry Department, where he worked with Doctoral Physicist and Chemist candidates on various science projects, including one of the world’s first NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) machines.  He completed an Electrical Engineering internship at N.A.S.A. Lewis Research Center in Brookpark, OH, where he designed a test bed that was used in the Space Project TROPIX and launched into space.  Upon high school graduation, Jason attended Tennessee State University and The University of Akron for Electrical Engineering.  Jason completed an engineering Co-op at Motorola in Hunstville, AL, and two Electrical Engineering Internships at Ameritech (currently AT&T).  

Jason began his service with Akron Urban League in 2010, as a CYC (Connect Your Community) Instructor for the organization.  His position allowed him to educate people, of all skill levels, on basic mouse functions including the use of Microsoft Office.  Jason taught and impacted over 400 students in the Summit County Community from 2010 to 2012.  

In 2015, Jason launched his consulting firm, Franchise Society, LLC, which focuses on helping others start businesses (Online/Offline), Technology (IT), Finance, and Energy.  Jason returned to join the Akron Urban League Staff in 2016, as the head IT/Systems Administrator.  He is responsible for maintaining the technology infrastructure throughout the agency, and making sure the agency stays on the cutting edge of technology.  He is also tasked with networking with outside IT companies and ensuring the products/services they provide to the Akron Urban League are beneficial to the agencies mission, of staying up to date with their technology needs.  

Jason has received various honors for his outstanding work in technology and in the community, to include his most recent award, an Achievement of Merit from Ohio State Senator Vernon Sykes and the Ohio State Senate for his development of a criminal justice app and database.  Jason also received the 2019 prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major Award for exemplary community service, as a result of the development of his criminal justice app and database. Other awards include receiving the N.S.B.E. (National Society of Black Engineers) member of the month award, and Outstanding Achievement for Science. 

Jason is active in his church, takes pride in mentoring young men, serves as a member of I.E.E.E. (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers), and Co Vice-President at the Maple Valley Library.  Jason is the proud son of Emerson and Alice Samuels and loving brother of Jeff Samuels.