Teresa LeGriar President & CEO of the Akron Urban League
Teresa R. LeGrair
President & CEO
Christina Ball
STEAM Educator
John M. Baranek, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Davonte Beard
Youth Engagement Specialist
Abby Billups
Case Manager, Career Pathways
Natashia Bishop
Administrative Assistant
Garrick Black II
Director Of Marketing
Teresha Dunbar
Finance Coordinator
Kimberly Fleischman
Director of Development
Briannah Griggs
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Kimberly Irvin-Lee
Regional Director, MBAC Akron
Larry Johnson
Evening Maintenance
Toni T. Johnson
Interim Director of Programs
Monique Love
Carla Matthews
Outreach Specialist
Xavier McShan
Business Counselor, MBAC - Akron
Hope Mills
Ignite Program Coordinator
Vickie Person, Ed.D.
Director, Education
Dwayne Richardson
Youth Employment Recruiter
Lauren Robinson
Employment Recruiter
Misty Rogers
Certified Business Advisor, MBAC Akron
Johnny Ross
Jason Samuels
IT Consultant
Alice Samuels
Youth Advocate
Ambria Ware
Youth Case Manager
Ariel Whitt
STEAM Educator / Program Assistant